Private Events FAQ

  • What is a private event at TRATA?

    Booking a private event at TRATA allows you to reserve a particular area of the restaurant for ONLY you and your guests. Some but not all of our event spaces can be booked as private.


  • How do I set-up a private event?

    Please call the restaurant and ask to speak with the Private Events Coordinator to check for available days and times.

  • What do I need to provide to reserve a private or semi-private area?

    We require a credit card on file to secure a private event space. That card will not be charged unless specified by the guest.


  • Is there a charge to rent the private areas?

    No. However, some areas have Food & Beverage minimums. This means that you and your party must spend a predetermined amount before tax and gratuity. If the minimum is not met, the credit card on file will be charged the difference.


  • Do we need to have a limited menu?

    Our priority at TRATA is friendly and timely service. Limited menus help to ensure that food service will be fast and accurate. We suggest limited menus for parties between 15-20 people and require them for any party over 20 guests.


  • Do you have bar or beverage packages?

    We do not have any bar packages that are priced per person. Beverages are charged based on consumption. It’s a fair way to only charge based on what you and your guests drink. However, we can help you limit the beverage offering at your event to help you stay within your budget.


  • Can you rent out the entire restaurant?

    We want TRATA to be open to our guests as often as possible. While we do not rent out the entire restaurant, we may be able to rent out a portion of it depending on your party size.


  • Can we bring in a cake? Is there a cake cutting fee?

    Yes. Our guests have the option to order a custom cake from The Village Bakery & Café in Pittsford for their event. Cake orders must be placed at least 5 days in advance. We apologize but we cannot serve home baked goods; cakes/cupcakes must be from a licensed bakery. We do not charge a cake cutting fee.


  • Is there a corkage fee?

    We encourage our guests to choose a bottle of wine from our list of fun and value driven wines or from our list of reserve wines. If you have a special bottle that you’d like to bring from home, we charge a $15 corkage fee per bottle of wine.


  • Can we bring in decorations/banners/centerpieces/balloons?

    Yes, you may bring in any decorations that do not require you to tape anything to the wall. Most guests that come to TRATA are very interested in the décor and the atmosphere so we do not want the decorations to be too distracting to our regular diners. Please check with the restaurant manager if you are unsure if an item is not appropriate. We apologize, but we do not allow scented candles.


  • Is there off-street parking at TRATA?

    Yes. Our guests may park anywhere in the Culver Road Armory lot unless otherwise specified. There is ample parking that extends to the West side of the building.


  • Do you offer valet parking?

    No, not at this time.

  • Can we bring in our own music?

    The music we play at TRATA is a big part of the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. It sets the fun and entertaining vibe you get when you step through the front door. While the music cannot be changed or turned off, it can be turned down depending on the location of your event.

  • What do you offer in terms of AV equipment?

    Our Riley Room offers a 52” flatscreen TV on the wall that can be hooked up to a computer for presentations. We do not have a screen and/or projector but can rent it for you if necessary.


  • Do you have wireless internet?